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Tree Felling & Tree Removal

Providing Quality Tree Services Throughout Abergavenny

Tree felling is the complete dismantling of a tree. The stump will be left as close to the ground as possible, although it will still be above ground level.


The method of tree felling will depend on the situation of the tree. If there is enough space the tree will be felled from ground level in one section and then dismantled once down. If, however, space is confined then the tree will be dismantled section by section until at ground level.  


If you require removal of the tree once it has been felled this can be arranged, or we can cut it into manageable pieces if you would prefer it to be left on site - we will discuss these options before commencing the felling.


Before beginning any tree felling operation checks must be made to make sure they are not subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). If the tree lies with a Conservation Area you may also need to contact your local authority before carrying out any felling. If you are concerned there may be a TPO on your tree please contact us and we will help with any checks and applications that may be needed. 


The costs for cutting trees will vary on the size, location and condition of the tree needing to be cut down. Please contact us for a free no obligation quotation for removing your tree.

If you would ilke to find out more information about how to tell if a tree poses a danger has some excellent information on the subject.

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