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Tree Stump Removal

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If you have had a tree taken down, you will be left with the job of removing the stump.  While many people choose to keep the tree stump as a garden feature it's not always practical, especially if the tree that has been removed was diseased, or the tree root is encroaching on buildings or drains.

Tree stump removal can be a difficult task, especially if the tree was large and established with a big root system so it's not a DIY job.  We have plenty of knowledge of how to remove a tree stump: we use modern root grinding equipment to grind and remove the tree stump, including surrounding roots.  We ensure the tree stump is ground well below surface level so you will be able to plant/lay turf once the treestump is gone and to prevent re-growth.  The area will be left clean and tidy, and the remains of the stump can be used as a mulch elsewhere in your garden.

Stump grinding costs vary on the size and spread of the tree stump - we will perform a free no obligation on-site survey before providing a tree stump removal cost.  Please contact us if you would like more information on our tree stump removal service.

Have any questions? Call us today on 07791 799930 or e-mail us at Alternatively you can visit our Contact page and fill in our contact form, we will look to get back to you as soon as possible.

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